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I just retired from my career as a Registered Nurse on a Geriatric Psychiatry Unit at a teaching hospital in CT.   It was a wonderful, fulfilling career and I will miss many things about it, but it is so nice to have time for family, church, photography and art.   Saint Petersburg, FL, is now my home and I am very happy here.

Art is my passion.  I have had no formal training in it and prior to October, 2001, I didn't know how to mix paint, let alone draw.  At that point I was blessed with the gift of creativity and I have been painting ever since.  Animals, especially cats, are my frequent subjects.  But I also enjoy painting fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes when I go to the store, I select food by its appearance, do a painting of it, and then eat it.  It tastes so good that way.  Grocery shopping for me, as you can imagine, is a lot of fun.

I work from my own photos, or ones given to me by friends.  My cat Roothie is a frequent subject and she is a real ham.  I also have been painting from the great masters including ElGreco, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Degas, Van Gogh and others.  They would have done a great job on Roothie.

This is my first website and I have designed it myself, so please, dear family, friends and future friends, overlook the mistakes.  I want to welcome you to it and I look forward to hearing from you.

Your favorite card designer wannabee,


Heeeeeeeere's Roothie!





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I paint pet portraits and design custom art cards.   My subjects include dogs and cats of all sizes and varieties, wild animals and sacred art.  I design vegetable art cards, fruit art cards, sacred art cards, Catholic art cards, pug art cards, wild animal art cards, art greeting cards, husky art cards and other animal art cards.

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